The Mission of Work.Life.Dad.

Photo Credit: Hales Studio


So much of a modern man’s heartache (if I can be vulnerable with you guys) is leftover from last century’s paradigms that are still telling us where we need to be and when. But there’s a better way to run your life, and I’m dead-set on perfecting it and sharing it. I’ve had some big wins the past few years but we’re not there yet.

Whether it’s the courage to start your own business, the willpower to say NO at the office, or a smack in the face to make you pay attention as your kids grow up without you – W.L.D. is about building you up to be the man you know you want to be.

I appreciate you showing up.

How I got here

It’s happened to me a few times. I’m in the thick of things with work: finishing consulting projects, prepping a product launch, writing a post and the clouds part–it all wraps up earlier than I thought on Saturday morning.

Then my wife says “why not play with Charlie?” And I’m hit with the crushing reality that I have spent so little quality time with my son the past couple of weeks I don’t know what he’s into these days. I’m treading water and sinking fast. I don’t want to just wrestle to drain out his limitless energy, I want to DO something with him and I’m at a loss.

Sure I see the posts of him playing with my wife on social media, but in the bigger picture aren’t I too smart for this? I’m blessed with a lot of talents, but why the hell can’t I figure out how to build my businesses, be the breadwinner AND build great relationships with my wife and son?

I knew I had to draw a line in the sand, to stake my claim on a better life and I had to make some big boy decisions. Are you with me?