Here’s my recommended gear list starting from the moment you see the double blue lines (pregnancy test) to…however old my son is as time passes. Everything on this page is personally endorsed by me, and I have personal experience in its use.


+ Newborns only care about one thing, and you don’t have them. Hint ” ( . ) ”

+ Show enthusiasm, and help your wife/partner in the decision-making. Have an opinion!

+ Buy as little as possible. Parents are eager to unload their baby gear. Things are discarded at an alarming rate.

+ Use space/allergies/money/etc. to stave off unwanted baby presents. Defer to gift cards, transferable assets.

Stroller: aka “The Whip”
We started off having a very large stroller that was a very kind gift from a friend. Unfortunately living in NY, having a stroller means taking it up and down stairs, often before even reaching the front door. The City Mini is incredibly convenient, offering one-handed collapsing and jogging functionality. We bought ours used from a neighbor.

Get Strapped
The Moby wrap is the best way to carry the little one for those early months. We tried the Bjorn, Ergo, K’tan and Becco and the Moby was by far the best. It’s a pain in the @$$ tying it on before you can put the baby in it, but once you do they’re super-snug on your chest. At times I actually felt like if I laughed to hard I’d crush the little guy…

Big Boy Carrier
Your baby will quickly outgrow the Moby wrap if you went that route. Hands down I think the Ergo is awesome and you won’t regret getting it. They do make an infant insert for the Ergo which you may opt to get instead of the Moby, but it adds a TON of insulation to the carrier and if you’ve got a July baby like we did you’ll be sweating your face off. When the time comes, make the switch and go Ergo. We cheated the infant insert by just rolling up a blanket for the tike to sit on, and that held him in pretty well. Your wife will love the Ergo, and you’ll love that you can both share it (most likely).

Baby Throne
My son literally lived in this thing for the first three months of his life. He had a bit of reflux for a bit, so it was much better for him to sleep in this, at a slight angle than to make a run at the crib. These chairs rock, stay put, entertain, slide and are secure. My son probably grew out of his at six months, we’re were sad to see it go. They have automated versions of these, with electronic readouts and dilithium crystals but again–remember what the kid still cares about most.