Who’s Kevin?

I’m a Hudson Valley Entrepreneur who moved north after 7 great years living in NYC.

In 2012 I co-founded Bush Smarts: a designer, procurer and retailer of high-end outdoor gear.

I’m the author of Work.Life.Dad. which started as an outlet for my adventures in work and life in February 2013. A book is in the making, to be published through Tucker Max’s Lioncrest Publishing.

My day-to-day work is Creative and Business Consulting.

I’m also an adjunct professor at NYU, where I teach UX courses.

My wife and I are madly in love, and laugh every day at our nutso 2.5 year old son.

Moving from the city to live on a lake was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Why W.L.D.?

Do you watch Friday Night Lights? Damn I love that show.

I don’t know if they coined the term, but at one point Coach Taylor was labeled “a Maker of Men,” and I thought to myself “that’s exactly what I want to be.”

As a young guy I was in the Boy Scouts (I’m an Eagle Scout) and I invested years of my life into training, mentoring, teaching and leading men my age, younger and sometimes older. Then I went to college where I was largely absorbed in building my future career and not long after graduation moved to New York City, the capital of self-absorption (but the food is great).

After 7 years of city life I found myself at 31, longing for something more than just brilliant strategy and cutting edge tactics. I wanted wisdom that when practiced would hone discipline and build character.

For a few years now people have asked me “how do you pull it off” and I want to be fully transparent that I often crash, hard. But like a man, we get up, dust off and get back out there.

If we do our job today, tomorrow’s men will be better.